The support for Scilab is now in Atom

A few time ago I introduced to you an Atom package I created. It added the support for Freefem++ in Atom. But Freefem++ is not the only language used in maths, as I use another one: Scilab. The official editor integrated in Scilab, SciNotes, is pretty annoying. A bad indentation, a completely crappy automatic completion […]

A package to add Freefem++ support in Atom

Freefem++ is a language that allows the numerical solving of partial differential equations. Useful to rapidly create some illustrations, Freefem++ is widely used in mathematical research. It is possible to install an “official” development environment for Freefem++. The advantage is that it is then faster to execute a script. However, this IDE has a huge […]

WP Photo Sphere 3.5 is here!

The latest version of Photo Sphere Viewer has been released and, now, it’s time to see a new version of WP Photo Sphere! WP Photo Sphere 3.5 is here and is a very small update. In fact, only one new option is present, allowing you to set your own eyes offset in VR mode. You […]

Some new features with Photo Sphere Viewer 2.5

A new version of Photo Sphere Viewer has just been released, with some new small features. There are no revolutionary things, but most of them have been asked by some users, so it was important to implement them. Modified options Before seeing the new options, there are some that now accept other values. I think […]

And here is WP Photo Sphere 3.4!

As usual, when a new version of Photo Sphere Viewer is released, a new version of WP Photo Sphere follows. Today is released WP Photo Sphere 3.4, with some new useful options and attributes. Vertical animation controls As in Photo Sphere Viewer 2.4, we find in WP Photo Sphere 3.4 some ways to control the […]

New version for Tasse de Café!

It’s been a long time since I first talk about it, but here it is, finally: the brand new theme for Tasse de Café! Simple, it’s a perfect fit for what I want for this blog, so we will keep it. For now. A more simple and refined theme This new theme is simpler, and […]