As usual, when a new version of Photo Sphere Viewer is released, a new version of WP Photo Sphere follows. Today is released WP Photo Sphere 3.4, with some new useful options and attributes.

Vertical animation controls

As in Photo Sphere Viewer 2.4, we find in WP Photo Sphere 3.4 some ways to control the vertical part of the animation. You can set the speed with the dedicated option in the options page, or you can use the attribute vertical_anim_speed to override this default value.

The target can also be selected with the dedicated option and the attribute vertical_anim_target.

Cropped panoramas!

If you have cropped panoramas that aren’t taken with Google’s Photo Sphere, you can indicate their sizes with some new attributes: full_width, full_height, cropped_width, cropped_height, cropped_x and cropped_y.

These attributes have the same names as the corresponding options in Photo Sphere Viewer, so you already know what they except. Note that they are all optional and, if the panorama is just cropped in its vertical part, you can for example just indicate a custom value for full_height.

Restricting the horizontal part

You can restrict what the user can see with the attributes min_long and max_long, and their corresponding options for default values. It’s useful for hiding a part of the panorama.

You can choose if the animation must be reversed if it reaches an edge of the allowed part with the attribute reverse_anim and its corresponding option.

Bug fixes

The fullscreen features isn’t broken anymore in Internet Explorer, and the box-sizing problem is fixed. Exactly as in Photo Sphere Viewer 2.4.

But you can note that WP Photo Sphere 3.4 doesn’t use Photo Sphere Viewer 2.4. In fact, there is a version 2.4.1 of Photo Sphere Viewer, with a bug fix for the maximum longitude: now you can set it to 360° without any problem.

Finally, you won’t have any problem if you update to WP Photo Sphere 3.4. It’s important to say it, as previous updates caused some troubles. Now, I have a better way to manage updates, so new options are not a problem.

What’s next?

Photo Sphere Viewer 3.0 is in development. Maybe some other versions will come before, followed by other versions of WP Photo Sphere. But there is also a big update for WP Photo Sphere which is planned.

In fact, I’ll change a lot of things in the code for WP Photo Sphere 4.0, with more proper ways to write some things. Also, the already promised new administration panel will be in WPPS 4.0. This big update won’t come after a Photo Sphere Viewer one, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find new features in it…