And here is WP Photo Sphere 3.4!

As usual, when a new version of Photo Sphere Viewer is released, a new version of WP Photo Sphere follows. Today is released WP Photo Sphere 3.4, with some new useful options and attributes. Vertical animation controls As in Photo Sphere Viewer 2.4, we find in WP Photo Sphere 3.4 some ways to control the […]

New version for Tasse de Café!

It’s been a long time since I first talk about it, but here it is, finally: the brand new theme for Tasse de Café! Simple, it’s a perfect fit for what I want for this blog, so we will keep it. For now. A more simple and refined theme This new theme is simpler, and […]

WP Photo Sphere 3.3 is already here!

Yesterday, the latest version of Photo Sphere Viewer, 2.3, was here. Its biggest new features: gyroscope and VR support. If you were waiting for the new version of WP Photo Sphere, don’t wait anymore: it’s already here! A few new features A lot of new features in Photo Sphere Viewer were for developers. As a […]

Photo Sphere Viewer 2.3 is here with VR support!

Years ago, we never imagined that browsers can one day support features like a gyroscope or VR devices. But it’s the case, and Photo Sphere Viewer has now the support for these things, with the new version 2.3. Gyroscope in JavaScript. Is it a joke? Before supporting VR devices, I needed to support another thing: […]

WP Photo Sphere is (already) here!

The latest version of Photo Sphere Viewer has been released yesterday and the corresponding version of WP Photo Sphere is already here. Essentially new features from Photo Sphere Viewer I won’t take a too long time to talk about the new features list, as almost all of them are from new features of Photo Sphere […]