After some good times, the previous version of my website is gone. In fact, I decided to update it, to have a better layout.


For this new version I decided to make some experiments, with CSS3 features. We have here cards which can be flipped, with a real animation. Almost all is done with CSS.

Of course, the number of cards you can see in a row is adaptive, from one to four depending on the width of your screen. The “About me” card can be reduced if the screen is too small (e.g. a smartphone). Its image is then different, changing for a smaller one, in order to not provide an unnecessarily big image.

Anyway, this website is mainly here to present me, my projects and those on which I participate. You will find on it a small presentation of me, some links to contact me and to retrieve me on social networks, but above all short descriptions of Photo Sphere Viewer, WP Photo Sphere, SitePoint, Fredzone and, of course, Tasse de Café.

My website is available in two languages, English and French. The displayed language is chosen from your browser preferences. If you see another language than yours, don’t hesitate to tell me.

Photo Sphere Viewer has now its own website

I don’t stop talking about Photo Sphere Viewver, but it’s normal, as it becomes more and more interesting. For the moment, two new versions has been released this summer, and more and more feedbacks are coming to me. That’s cool.

The old version of my website wasn’t adapted to Photo Sphere Viewer and that’s why I decided to launch a mini-website dedicated to this library, accessible from this address.

Concretely, it’s a simple page on which you can see a background panorama (you can’t interact with it). For the moment, three panoramas can be displayed, and they are chosen in a random order. These panoramas are all free and you can obviously see the name of their authors, with a link, so don’t hesitate to go see their work!

A short description is available, but also download links pointing to the development version, the minimal version and the GitHub project. Finally, there’s a link to the documentation.

Yes, Photo Sphere Viewer has finally its complete documentation. Well, I am not really convinced by the current result, generated by JSDoc. I’ll surely try to personalize it later. Or maybe I’ll build my own doc.