A few time ago I introduced to you an Atom package I created. It added the support for Freefem++ in Atom. But Freefem++ is not the only language used in maths, as I use another one: Scilab.

The official editor integrated in Scilab, SciNotes, is pretty annoying. A bad indentation, a completely crappy automatic completion of parentheses, or a syntax highlighting far to be ideal: the reasons to hate SciNotes are numerous.

Then, I decided once again to develop with Atom, so I needed a package for that. There was a package for Scilab, but it doesn’t exist anymore. So I developed my own.

Called language-scilab, it is available now and adds syntax highlighting for Scilab in Atom.

It doesn’t do anything more for the moment, but I think about enhance it, by adding the support for certain automatic completions or even a more automatic indentation.