Yesterday, the latest version of Photo Sphere Viewer, 2.3, was here. Its biggest new features: gyroscope and VR support. If you were waiting for the new version of WP Photo Sphere, don’t wait anymore: it’s already here!

A few new features

A lot of new features in Photo Sphere Viewer were for developers. As a consequence, the corresponding version of WP Photo Sphere doesn’t bring a lot of new visible features.

However, you can see two of them: gyroscope and VR support. The browsers compatibility is the same as for Photo Sphere Viewer.

You can notice that the version of Photo Sphere Viewer used in this new version of WP Photo Sphere is not the 2.3 one but the 2.3.1. In fact, a bug concerned the box-sizing property and was particularly visible on some WordPress themes like the default one. Now, it’s fixed.

What about the next versions?

I don’t forget what I promised (I think): a new administration page for WP Photo Sphere. It will come, maybe in the next version, or maybe not. I don’t know.

Anyway, as always, don’t hesitate if you have any idea or if you see any bug. And don’t forget to update WP Photo Sphere!