The latest version of Photo Sphere Viewer has been released and, now, it’s time to see a new version of WP Photo Sphere! WP Photo Sphere 3.5 is here and is a very small update.

In fact, only one new option is present, allowing you to set your own eyes offset in VR mode. You will also be able to use the corresponding attribute, eyes_offset, for each shortcode, if you need a special value for a specific panorama, for some reasons.

Currently you won’t find the version 3.5 but the 3.5.1 one, with an updated Portuguese translation (thanks to Pedro Mendonça!).

And that’s all. As I said above, it’s a small update.

The good news is that WP Photo Sphere 4.0 is not so far away. I decided to release it right after Photo Sphere Viewer 3.0, so surely in early 2016. As promised, WPPS 4.0 will bring a brand new options panel, with clearer explanations for the different options and attributes.