The latest version of Photo Sphere Viewer has been released yesterday and the corresponding version of WP Photo Sphere is already here.

Essentially new features from Photo Sphere Viewer

I won’t take a too long time to talk about the new features list, as almost all of them are from new features of Photo Sphere Viewer we already saw. You can for example set the default position from the options page and via the long and lat attributes, the default zoom level (option and zoom_level attribute), and the maximal tilt angles (options and tilt_up_max, tilt_down_max attributes).

I added to these features a new option: the automatic loading, corresponding with the autoload attribute which is here since a long time now. If you enable this option, all the panoramas will be automatically loaded, and you won’t be able to disable this automatic loading via an attribute.

Also, still from Photo Sphere Viewer, you can zoom on a mobile device, and the fullscreen bug in Chrome has been fixed.

What’s next?

Next versions of WP Photo Sphere should follow the Photo Sphere Viewer ones. However, some new features should appear, without any link with PSV.

In fact, I think about creating a brand new options panel. With more and more features, the current page is not adapted, and I think about a new panel, with tabs and more details.